JANUARY 27, 28, 29 – VIROQUA, WITickets: Driftless Psychedelic Symposium is a three day conference that highlights the beneficial aspects of psychedelic therapy.This years conference will focus on:
-Guiding or Set & Setting: best practices for therapeutic benefit
-Experience: insights gained, downloads, impact on life
-Integration: steps to take, practices
-Psychedelic Studies: current researchTickets:
Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. Rosalind Watts (Imperial College London)

Connected in the Deep:  Patients’ Experiences of Psilocybin for
Treatment-Resistant Depression

Katherine MacLean, PhD
Psilocybin and Personality Change

Katinka Hooyer, PhD, MS

Beyond Brain Trauma: Insights into the Moral Injury of War and Ritualized Psychedelic Healing of an Iraq Combat Veteran

Thomas Brown, PhD
Transformation in Ibogaine Treatment for Substance Dependence

Wendy Kline, PhD

Communicating a New Consciousness: Countercultural Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, and the Home Birth Movement in the 1970s

Charles Monroe-Kane
Lithium Jesus – The Pitfalls of Psychedelics without a Guide

Bruce Sewick, LCPC, CADC

Treating PTSD with MDMA Assisted Therapy:
Psychedelic Catalyzation of  Therapeutic Process

Anny Ortiz
The Toad Medicine (5-MEO-DMT) Experience as a catalyst for recovery and positive change: Some initial observations on its application for the treatment of substance dependence and PTSD following Ibogaine detox

Erik Storlie, PhD
Psychedelics and Meditative Practice: Two Allies

Dennis McKenna, PhD:
The Mind(s) of Gaia

Tom Roberts, PhD

The Psychedelic Door to Multistate Theory

Mary Porter
Peyote the Sacrament Crossing Racial Lines for Anyone of Any Race


Jonathan Thompson
Reclaiming Family Values:

A Conversation on Psychedelic Parenting

John Harrison, MA, PSYD(c)

Witness to Transformation:

Addiction As a Passage Toward Freedom and Personal Empowerment

Matt Vogel, MA
A Non-Dogmatic Exploration of Psychedelic Dogmatism

Nicholas V. Cozzi, PhD
Reports from the Psychedelic Frontier

Robert J. Barnhart
Grace, Responsibility, Psychedelic Philanthropy
and the Awakening of Consciousness

Allan Ajaya, PhD 
Through the Looking Glass:

Into the Core Transformational Power of Psychedelics

Nathan Gates
Applying a Contextual Behavior Framework to the Psychedelic Experience for the Purposes of Clinical Application, Integration and Study

Link Swanson
Predictive Processing: A Promising Paradigm for Psychedelic Science

Robin Mitchell 
Depression: There and Back Again (One Woman’s Journey)
The Three Paths of Psychedelics:
Therapeutic, Spiritual and Recreational

Moderated by: Matt Vogel
Panel: Dennis McKenna, John Harrison, Nicholas Cozzi, Robert Barnhart, Thomas Roberts, Allan Ajaya, Katherine MacLean

The Driftless Freewheelin’ & Wide Open Panel Discussion
The Driftless Psychedelic Therapy Presenters

(Tibetan Bowls, Shruti Box, Didgeridoo, Throat Singing)

&nbspnbsp;Peformed by: Shaamaahs

The optional dinner will be at The Rooted Spoon in Viroqua. Catering will be by Master Chef Luke Zahm and the Driftless Cafe. This will be a three course family-style dinner. Luke specializes in farm-to-table, local, organic cuisine. Cost: $60.00.

After dinner, at the Rooted Spoon – an evening of psychedelic stories from attendees and presenters!
Open to all attendees! Starting at 9:00 PM.
An open mic forum to share, laugh, cry and spread the love!
Hosted by Lex Pelger from Psymposia

Registration Fee:
Discount Price for All Three days: $110.00
Friday: $30.00 Saturday: $60.00 Sunday$40
Saturday Lunch: $10.00
Sunday Lunch: $10.00
Saturday Dinner: $60.00