The Operating Theatre presents our original dramatic adaptation of James Thurber’s short story for children and adults, “The Thirteen Clocks,” on January 12-13 and January 18-19.  Filled with surprises, wonder, mysteries, secret agents and secret passages, castles, minstrels, and thirteen frozen clocks, Thurber’s fairytale wanders away from traditional princess and hero stories, to take a kind and wise, quizzical look at the fear of time and change, the workings of luck and logic, sadness and laughter, and the mystery of unprompted joy.

Come experience our newly renovated, warm auditorium with 91 comfortable seats, all with excellent close-up views of the action, pin-drop acoustics that let you hear everything clearly.

This is the debut all-ages performance of The Operating Theatre, the new in-house acting company of The Ark Center for the Arts, which regularly features original plays and performance art exploring the truth of our most basic shared experiences about the mysteries of life and death and change.

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