Introduction to Ayurveda, the World’s Oldest Natural Wellness System
Saturday, March 4th, 2 PM
The Ark, 401 E. Jefferson St.
Viroqua, WisconsinAyurveda, “the knowledge of life,” is the world’s oldest and most complete health system, as profoundly effective today as it has been for thousands of years. Learn how your personal constitutional type is affected by what you eat, the weather, the seasons, your activities, the music and words you hear, etc. and how you can use this knowledge to attain and maintain a healthful, balanced state.

Everyone is welcome to the presentations, so there is sliding-scale pricing that slides down to free for those who are facing hard times. $5 would be a welcome donation from those who can afford it, and if a few folks offer more than that it should all work out.

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If you are planning to attend, please click on “going,” so we know how many copies of the multiple handouts to make. Those who commit by March 1st will definitely receive all the handout materials. Please come a few minutes early, to fill out your personal constitutional type questionnaire.

Contact: Shivani Arjuna, phone 634-4082, e-mail