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Madison-based artist Dana Perry has been making music passionately for over 25 years, with over 10 years of focus on playing guitar and songwriting. A unique and semi-percussive guitar style, combined with poignant lyrics and powerhouse vocals; her music resonates with anyone who recognizes that we are all on a Journey. Her goal is to continuously open to the Experience of her music making, and to share it with anyone who wishes to come along.
Dana has released 2 full-length DIY albums (Here Try This in 2009, The Shit in My Pockets in 2012), and has plans for releasing a third in the fall of 2016. She is one-third of the hard folk trio SHESHE (MAMA’s Unique Performer of the Year, 2015), and used to lend her guitar sound and vocals to the band Royal Jelly. Dana recently formed another Madison-based band, Imaginary Watermelon, in winter of 2015. This year, she has been nominated for the MAMA’s Guitarist of the Year! Between all of her endeavors, she can be found sharing her music on big stages, small coffee shops, or out in the street.