WHAT: Three Fold Path Qi Gong

WHEN: Sat 10-11:15am
WHERE: Sky Movement Studio

DESCRIPTION: (details below)
1. Sink and Root 2. Stretch and Breathe 3. Engage
Frank Wildingway (frank@artarkviroqua.org) ; with 35 years of experience
COST:  $5 per class; Drop-ins welcome



In this course the student will learn how to: 1)Stretch and Breathe, 2)Sink and Root; and 3)Engage.


A simple effective way to “waken” the body towards greater flexibility and dynamic internal flow, using limb shaking, spinal twist, spinal flex, lateral bending and squatting.


We use breath to “gather” Qi from the vast ocean of Qi we find ourselves living in.

The student will learn how to engage the breathing function using an ancient exercise called stirring the 3 cauldrons. The 3 cauldrons are: 1) the sacral/pelvic cavity the lower cauldron dealing with deep breath function and primal energy(gut feelings), the middle cauldron or thoracic cavity housing the heart and lungs( empathy feeling function) and the upper cauldron or cranial cavity(naming function). Each of these 3 centers are accessed using nose/mouth breath, mouth to mouth breath and mouth to nose breath. Together these 3 centers constitute “mind”.

Stillness or Meditation Practice

When we sit still to listen, observe the breathing function it is possible to calm the mind. Calming the mind makes it possible to listen to a deeper pulse, beyond this pulse it is possible to embrace the original self. There is something beautiful here, when sought after, it cannot be grasped. What is it?

Stillness will be incorporated as part of the practice.


The heart of any Qi Gong practice is the ability for the student to sink. Sinking is an internal process whereby the student learns to become flexible above and firmly rooted below.


The student learns how to root using the posture check which engages the student in a mental, physical understanding of what it means to stand in a “neutral” position using a guided “meditation” that ends and begins with the question: Can you feel the nine spots on the bottoms of your feet touching the floor? The five toes, the big ball, the little ball, the heel and the outside “knife” edge. If you can, then visualize grounding chords or roots sinking deep in to the earth. Qi is a magnetic force palpably felt by all living creatures. It is our aim as practitioners to develop a strong flow and connection to this “rootedness”.


This happens thru 3 devices/problem solving puzzles that aid the student in seeing/feeling how rooted they really are. These are very effective yet safe and gentle forms of engagement. Double hands, open hands and empty hands. The advanced student progresses into FREE DANCING, a form of contact improvisation employing the 8 changes facing limitations such as: How does one move effectively in a small square? How does a smaller person defeat a larger person? How do energetic fields affect balance? Rooting and being uprooted?

The core for the beginning student is a form called the DANCE OF THE 8 CHANGES that utilizes the primary trigrams found in the I Ching reflecting internal dynamics as seen thru impulses found in nature: Heaven(one hand pushes the sun, one hand pushes the moon across the vastness of space, Earth(a white mare descends into a dark misty valley, Thunder(comes up out of the ground in late winter exciting the seed to new life, Wind(over time a gentle wind bores a hole thru granite, Abyss(one wave washes over another, eternally, effortlessly, Fire(flames leap up and burn wood to the ground), Mountain(one mountain sits atop another keeping still),Lake(at the foot of the mountain, a lake enticing all creatures to come and gather).

Each of these motions has a corresponding movement. The form is simple and can be done anywhere. It works both sides of the body. The beginning student will learn practical applications of the primary yin and yang forces—Heaven(the creative…yang) Earth(the receptive…yin).

In addition, the student will learn the Circle FORM which clearly illustrates the cycle of the seed over the course of a year and the SELF-Healing FORM, a simple yet effective way for the practitioner to access self-healing capacity. Advanced studies are available thru the Dance of the 5 Animals Form.

Students progress when effort and willingness intersect. Thru engaged action is our progress measured.

As with any martial arts study all learned techniques can be applied for self-defense although thru out the course of my 30 year practice, I have found that a best defense is an open- hearted smile coupled with a flexible mind. If all else fails, a swift kick to the groin could provide desired results. Beyond that we practice to improve our ability to listen to self and to others in engaged action.

Works for further study include: the I Ching and the Tao Te Ching.

Regarding QI GONG

Lao Tse said the Tao, “is the weakest thing in heaven and earth, it overcomes the strongest; proceeding from no place, it enters where there is no crack. Thus do I know the value of non- activity. Few are who recognize the worth of the teaching without words and of non-activity.”

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